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Paving the digital path in construction

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

A humbling and timely statistic:

Only four per cent of design and construct companies are operating at the highest level of digitisation, as revealed in the latest research by the Center for Smart Modern Construction (Western Sydney University) into the "Digitalisation of Design and Construction of Class 2 Buildings in New South Wales."

The Fitout Dept. Pty Ltd has recently completed total digitisation of our Integrated Management System (IMS) to our intranet platform. We feed real-time project information to our clients and stakeholders and our project and site teams to access a complete catalogue of tools and resources anywhere, anytime and digitally populate documents as required.

What does this mean for our clients? It allows our team to provide transparency, integrity and instil confidence in our construction process.

In addition, The Fitout Dept. utilises digital estimating and tendering platforms, 2D and 3D AutoCAD and Microvellum Advanced Nesting Software.

As Australia navigates through the COVID-19 pandemic, our contactless scan and sign features allow us to operate with the highest level of diligence, ensuring the safety of site personnel. We provide our clients peace of mind. Our systems offer heightened security and the assurance of knowing we run a risk-averse, compliant site at all times.

We are a proud, Indigenous enterprise setting the benchmark for more than just our indigenous participation targets and value-driven business model. We are excited to hang our hat on these latest results, adding early adopters of smart technologies to our bow.

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